We are happy to announce that we have passed our GMP+ B1 again this year.

Although FSA (“Feed Safety Assurance”) from GMP+ International is intended exclusively as a risk management tool, it also helps us to open up new markets. The “chain approach” of GMP+ International is a stable and important basis for the quality of Fismer Lecithin’s management system: It ensures to a considerable extent that all links in the chain guarantee quality assurance for animal feed and services in a uniform and transparent manner.

For Fismer Lecithin, the unique chain approach of GMP+ International combines the best of two worlds: individual and joint responsibility. When every link in the chain is committed to feed safety, we work together to ensure a safe market.

With the “GMP+” certificate, we at Fismer Lecithin GmbH prove that we meet all requirements and conditions with regard to ensuring feed safety.

The “+” stands for quality and trust. Analysis, action, monitoring and control are the essential principles of the ISO, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and GMP+ requirements according to which we live and breathe. With the GMP+ FSA secured program we guarantee the complete feed safety in the feed chain.

Quality forms the basis of our actions.

An article by Dr. Reinhard Lange, Fismer Lecithin (44 years head of analysis in lecithin and phospholipids) together with Peer Lucas Fismer (Sales Manager Fismer Lecithin)