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100% organic – manufactured in Europe

Organic Lecithin

Those who advertise their good name at “Organic” can demand the highest quality, complete safety and 100% transparency from their suppliers.

With our new LeciFis ORG lecithins, we offer our customers, for the first time, a fully organic certified cultivation, processing and transport chain for 100% organic food and feed “manufactured in Europe”.

In a development phase lasting over two years, we have worked with local producers and processors to create a sustainable product range that fully meets European requirements.

Completely traceable back to the certified seed, our purely organic LeciFis ORG sunflower, rapeseed and soya lecithins from controlled cultivation on exclusive, proven production areas and oil mills used exclusively for organic processing meet all requirements for sustainable, organic production, using plant and animal fertilisers.

It goes without saying that all LeciFis ORG rapeseed and sunflower products are allergen-free, and are halal and kosher-certified.

Thanks to our extremely demanding quality and auditing processes, you can trust Fismer lecithin 100%.


LeciFis ORG Products

Product name Concentration Consistency
LeciFis SUN TF Organic min. 60% fluid
LeciFis TFC Organic min. 60% fluid
LeciFis RAP TF Organic min. 60% fluid
LeciFis FB 50 SUN Organic min. 50% fluid





What we stand for

  • 100% GMO free
  • organic farming
  • complete traceability
  • free of allergens
  • certified processes (GMP/HACCP/ISO)


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