How our lecithin reaches you


Delivery forms of lecithin

Our lecithin products are manufactured strictly according to your specifications. This naturally includes whether the product is supplied in liquid, powder or compound form.


Fluid Lecithin

Fluid lecithin can be added to most foods more easily than raw lecithin. Therefore, we offer our quality and premium lecithins in liquid form, enzymatically modified or filtered. It is particularly suitable as standard emulsifier.

Deoiled Lecithins

The oil content and free fatty acids were removed from powdered or granulated pure lecithin. Therefore, it contains a higher percentage of substances insoluble in acetone, and the amount to be used can be significantly reduced. It is tasteless, easy to dose and has excellent emulsifying properties. These are particularly in demand in food supplements, bakery products, pasta and chewing gum as well as for instantising.

Lecithin on carriers

Our pulverized lecithin compounds are produced using a special process. The lecithin is encapsulated in a previously prepared emulsion so that it reaches its full development and effectiveness only in the required production step.

The result is a highly functional lecithin that can be used conveniently and economically. Lecithin compounds are used, for instance, in baked goods, baking mixtures or ready-mixed flours. They ensure an even browning and, in the case of wafers, improved breaking strength.

These lecithin compounds are also increasingly being used in animal feed, as it is of great advantage, if the lecithin remains encapsulated for as long as possible and develops its functionality only at a later stage in the digestive tract of the animals.

Sprayable Lecithin compound

Lecithin compounds that can be sprayed are very well suited for instantising and as separators. They have a low viscosity, are easy to declare and have dust-binding properties. Their application areas are powder products, such as milk and cocoa powder, whose solubility is to be improved.

Hydrolysed (Lyso-) Lecithin

Hydrolysed lecithin shows an improved emulsifying capacity of oil in water emulsions. In order to produce this easily dispersible special lecithin, standard lecithin is hydrolysed using enzymes. The result is a lecithin with improved water solubility, which is particularly suitable for baking fats, bakery products, margarine and half-fat margarine.


Packaging sizes

Our products are available in several different containers, depending upon the ordered quantity and the form of delivery. After consultation, however, all other conceivable packaging sizes can also be provided. Of course, you can request samples in smaller packaging sizes.

We offer the following packaging sizes as standard:

  • 20 kg cartons
  • 25 kg canister
  • 200 kg barrel
  • 600 kg IBC
  • 1.000 kg IBC
  • 24.000 kg bulk delivery