Lecithin is indispensable for metabolism


Functional food – food with a special, targeted effect – increasingly plays an important role in modern nutrition. This is demonstrated by the trade turnover and the constantly growing product range.

Lecithins can play an important role in the formulation of functional food, because they have many positive effects on the human metabolism. Phosphatidylcholine, for instance, is able to lower the cholesterol and LDL levels in the body and increase the HDL level. Furthermore, the substance can strengthen the liver and thus prevent liver damage. By improving metabolic processes in the human organism, phosphatidylcholine contributes to a positive general feeling of well-being.

An important nutrient for the human brain is phosphatidylserine, which can counteract the reduction of cognitive abilities. Phosphatidylserine optimises the release of neuro-transmitters and thus improves the energy metabolism in the brain.

Functional food with lecithin additive has a lot of positive effects:

  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Reduction of cholesterol levels
  • Improvement of liver damages
  • Increase in the ability to concentrate
  • Improvement of mental activity
  • Support in the regeneration phase after sports activity