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Lecithin for technical applications

Fismer Lecithin offers soya lecithins for various industrial applications with the TecFis product series. Whether as a lubricant, release agent or dispersant, the product properties are perfectly tuned to the respective application.

In addition to the standardised products, we are always happy to develop individual special lecithins according to your requirements.





Product name Concentration Consistency
TECFis QF min. 58% AU fluid


Product name Concentration Consistency
TecFis EXP IPM min. 97% AU powder


  • AU Anteil Aceton – Unlösliches
  • PS Phosphatidylserin
  • PC Phosphatidylcholin
  • IPM Identity Preserved Monitoring —> non-GMO
  • QF Quality Fluid
  • TFC Top Fluid Controlled
  • TF Top Fluid
  • TFM Top Fluid Modified
  • FB Fluid Blend
  • EXP Excellent Powder
  • EXG Excellent Granules
  • QP Qualified Powder
  • HP High Level Powder
  • CM Compound, Carrier Whey (Soya Lecithin)
  • CG Compound, Carrier Glucose (Soya Lecithin)
  • CW Compound, Carrier Wheatflour (Soya Lecithin)
  • SW Sunflower Lecithin Compound, carrier Wheatflour
  • RW Rapeseed/Canola Lecithin Compound, carrier Wheatflour
  • PCF Phosphatidylcholine Fluid/Powder