Lecithin takes over important tasks in the pharmaceutical sector

The importance of phospholipids, which are the main component of fractionated and highly purified lecithins, is increasing in the pharmaceutical industry. Their function as a technical excipient in the preparation of medicinal products is particularly appreciated.






Lecithins or their phospholipids can thus be used in many different applications and as components of active ingredients e.g.

  • for checking the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood
  • for stabilising the membrane function
  • for treating fat metabolism disorders
  • for treating arteriosclerosis
  • for the treatment of liver and bile diseases
  • for stabilising the lung surfactant
  • for improving the functioning of nerves and brain
  • for strengthening the constitution

The emulsifying and stabilising effect is particularly important when used as an excipient:

  • as emulsifier for infusion solutions
  • for the synthesis of liposomes
  • as lubricant and distribution agent for suppository masses
  • as stabiliser for suspensions and emulsions