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Fismer Lecithin

We create trust through competence and security

Fismer Lecithin enjoys great recognition in specialist circles, and this is largely due to the enormous expertise of our employees. The passion for the versatile and effective all-rounder lecithin is manifest at Fismer Lecithin. This is also noticed by our customers, who appreciate the fact that we take personal consultation seriously and can provide the right product of the highest quality within the shortest possible time.

The reason for this is that Fismer Lecithin is a specialist in lecithin only. Our product range includes native and special lecithins from oilseeds such as soya beans, rapeseeds and sunflower seeds. We offer them to you in liquid and powder form, as a compound that can be sprayed and not subject to declaration – i.e., GMO- and allergen-free. Of course, you can also obtain products in first-class organic quality from us.

To ensure consistent top quality, Fismer Lecithin attaches particular importance to careful and comprehensive quality management. That’s why we have developed strict quality criteria together with our partners – full traceability and documentation of all product-related processes are the basis for us to offer you first-class products and optimum service.

Our QM system is certified according to national and international standards (ISO 22000: 2018). In this way, we underline the high demands we place on the quality of our products, processes and services. This creates a solid basis of trust, both for customers and for employees and suppliers.



A young company with many years of experience

Fismer Lecithin is a young company – with many years of experience. For over 20 years, the members of Peter Fismer’s team have been working in the production of high-quality lecithins for food, functional food, technical applications, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and pet food.

In a relatively short time, Fismer Lecithin has succeeded in advancing to the “Champions League” of lecithin companies with its innovative strength, speed and high creativity. Our customers benefit, in particular, from the flexibility of a small and highly specialised company compared to the competition.

Do you have any questions regarding the application e.g., in which concentration should the lecithin be used or which viscosity would be optimal? Please do not hesitate to ask us. Regardless of the size of your company – we will respond to every request. With personalised solutions, which we develop in consultation with you.


The Team

Peter Fismer



Peer Lucas Fismer

Sales Manager


Lena Bahde-Fismer

CFO & Prokuristin


Dr. Reinhard Lange

Head of Analytics


Heinz Becker

Account Manager


Jes Skytte

Business Development Manager
Phone: +45 24292881



At home all over the world

Our business partners use our services around the globe. Fismer Lecithin is familiar with the local conditions – wherever that location may be. A broad and yet specialised product portfolio with short delivery times and competent advice that takes regional conditions into account is a matter of course for us.

Here you can find Fismer Lecithin and its distribution partners:

Great Britain
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Czech Republic
North Africa
Sri Lanka





Highest quality and safety is our claim

Fismer Lecithin GmbH does everything in its power to offer lecithin and special lecithins of the highest possible quality. This means that production and marketing are geared to ensuring that all products are safe and secure for humans and animals. We also use our performance to promote sustainable development. We are aware that safety and product quality are essential for the quality of life of humans and animals, for our customers’ business and thus for the further development of our company and the increase of our company value.




Non-GMO designation

Since the launch of the EU directives (EC) 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, the origin and traceability of lecithin has had to be documented. Otherwise, this lecithin must be marked as “genetically modified”. If a lecithin is obtained from conventional oil seeds such as soya beans, rapeseeds or sunflower seeds that have not been genetically modified, and if this process has been documented through a certified IP system that has also been audited by an accredited organisation, the lecithin is awarded the label IPM (Identified Preserved Monitored).

All IPM products from Fismer Lecithin satisfy these criteria and therefore do not require labelling. Their non-GMO origin is fully documented and traceable. Labelling of the lecithin on the end products in accordance with EU directives 1829 and 1830/2003 is therefore not required.




No allergens requiring declaration

The absence of allergens is becoming an increasingly important aspect of food safety. This is also EU directive 2003 / 89 / EC was introduced, in order to label the allergy status of an end product. According to the current Alba list, sunflower lecithins from Fismer Lecithin do not require such labelling. You can see which Fismer Lecithin products do not contain allergens requiring declaration from this label.




Organic Lecithin

It is permitted to add conventional, non-genetically modified lecithins to organic foodstuffs provided they do not exceed the prescribed quantity of 5% per formula. This is regulated by EC directives 899/2008 and 834/2007. Many manufacturers, however, go beyond this and want the additives that they use to also satisfy the criteria and quality requirements of the eco-directive.

As a result, Fismer Lecithin also offers lecithins that are produced ecologically and therefore correspond to the overall concept of “organic production”. They bear the attribute “ORGANIC” in their name. This organic lecithin is obtained from oil seeds that are grown organically. In other words, no pesticides or crop protection products are used, nor are any solvents used during extraction.




Kosher certification

Most of our products bear the Kosher certificate of the London Beth Din Kashrut Division (KLBD). The KLBD is one of the largest Kosher organisations to operate internationally. It is a division of the Court of Jewish Law in London, was founded over 300 years ago, and serves all six continents with over 1,000 manufacturers worldwide.




Halal certification

In September 2015, Fismer Lecithin GmbH, one of the leading Lecithin provider in Western Europe, was awarded the official Halal Certification.

LeciFis Products, which are marked with the protected Seal of Halal Control (EU) can now safely be used in all products for Muslim consumers, because they have been manufactured in compliance with internationally approved Halal-Standards. This protected seal is widespread in Europe, Arabian countries and most Asian countries including Australia and it´s approved as a reliable Seal of Quality for Halal foods.

Halal Control (EU) is the first certifying body worldwide which has introduced a HrACCP concept (Haram Analysis Critical Control Point) for food companies. It has specialised in verification and certification of products and production-systems by the food industry according to Islamic food regulations and purity requirements (Halal rules). It exclusively employs qualified Islamologists and accredited food chemists and technicians for the Halal Certification. Since 2001, they work together with several independent laboratories specialising in genetic engineering.

In 2003, Halal Control was distinguished by the Malaysian Halal authorities (JAKIM) as the “best and most advanced certifying body for Halal food in Europe”.





ProTerra Foundation

The  ProTerra Foundation supports organisations at all levels of the agricultural value chain by providing effective tools for advancing their sustainability performance. The ProTerra certification program is a central initiative of the Foundation that brings together stakeholders from all parts of the supply chain. This initiative assures consistent, expanding, and high quality supplies of food, feed and crops that are third-party certified as both Non-GMO and produced with improved sustainability.

ProTerra certification provides an effective way to communicate Non-GMO and improved sustainability values and accomplishments to consumers, shareholders, employees and regulators.