In September 2015, Fismer Lecithin GmbH received official halal certification as one of the leading Western European lecithin suppliers.

LeciFis products, which have been awarded the protected Halal Control (EU) seal of approval, can now be used without hesitation in all products for Muslim consumers, because their production ensures compliance with internationally recognized halal standards. It is well-known in Europe, the Arab and most Asian countries including Australia and is recognized as a reliable quality seal for Halal food.

Halal Control (EU) is the first certification authority in the world to introduce an HrACCP concept (Haram Analysis Critical Control Point) in food companies. It has specialized in testing and certifying products and production systems of the food industry according to Islamic dietary regulations and purity requirements (Halal guidelines). It employs only qualified Islamologists and accredited food chemists/technologists for Halal certification and has been working with various independent genetic engineering laboratories since 2001.

As “the best and most advanced certification body for halal food in Europe” Halal Control was already awarded by the Malaysian Halal Authorities (JAKIM) in 2003.