We have seen a dramatic decline in insects for years. Voluntary action to protect insect diversity is undoubtedly important and should continue to be strengthened in order to be truly effective in protecting wild bees, species of butterflies and other insects. The Fismer Lecithin Team would like to make its contribution to the World Bee Day.

Our Quality Management had the idea to support our bees with a bee-friendly wildflower mixture for domestic cultivation. As a present she gave us a small flower seed “bomb” with which we can create our own bee-friendly and small flower meadow – whether on the balcony, in the garden or on the windowsill. Together we can ensure a blooming home for insects and simply promote biodiversity.

In addition, we at Fismer Lecithin have products on the market that make a positive contribution. A lecithin developed by Fismer combined with brewer’s yeast effectively promotes the spring development of the bee colonies and helps overcome other pollen shortages.