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High-quality products benefit in many ways from the addition of lecithin. This universally usable natural substance has many positive properties, which we continually optimise at Fismer Lecithin.


About us

Lecithin is our passion

For over 20 years, the Fismer Lecithin team has been working in the production and refinement of high-quality lecithins for food items, food supplements, technical applications, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and pet food. As “problem solvers”, we also take on demanding challenges. Whether organic, vegan or non-GMO, we develop your lecithin product to the point and in the highest quality. Because our employees are regarded as absolute experts in the industry - and you benefit from this!

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We offer you first-class products and best services based on the expertise of our employees. We have developed strict quality criteria together with our partners so that this quality reaches you too.


Our product range includes exclusively high-quality lecithin with exact specifications. We guarantee the highest product safety through full traceability and documentation of all product-related processes.


We deliver to our customers worldwide. The experience of more than 20 years and a network of selected and reliable partners at our headquarters in Hamburg as well as at many locations all over the world helps us to achieve this.

Our products

Soya lecithin, sunflower lecithin and rapeseed lecithin in highest quality

We develop and produce lecithins for the food, animal feed, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as well as for technical applications. We meet even the most stringent requirements. Whether vegan or organic products, allergen-free, non-GMO, halal or kosher - at Fismer you will receive certified products, sustainably produced and fully traceable. And in the form you need for your application: liquid, powder, sprayable, hydrolysed or in any other desired format.

Fismer Lecithin has been able to attract the best partners in the production of raw lecithin through years of personal contact with the oil mills in the main growing areas. Regular visits from both sides strengthen the long-term partnership and cooperation.

This enables Fismer Lecithin to guarantee its customers the highest degree of supply reliability and to keep providing new and sustainable lecithin products with the best quality standards. Customers of Fismer Lecithin can remain assured that they will only be supplied with soya lecithin that complies with the relevant EU directives – and our own standards.

The demand for GMO-free lecithin has increased strongly against the background of the discussion on allergy and genetic engineering. Lecithin from sunflower seeds can be used as alternative to soya lecithin in many cases. There are no genetically modified variants there: Sunflower lecithin, even in the organic quality, is basically non-GMO, and it also meets many other standards such as vegan, kosher and halal.

At Fismer Lecithin, high-quality sunflower lecithin is an integral part of the product portfolio. In addition to the origin, we also focus on the storage and processing in the oil mills, which exclusively produce sunflower lecithin.

In recent years, the quality of raw lecithin from rapeseed has been significantly improved by technological processes. In the meantime, the technical and physiological properties of rapeseed lecithin, which is fundamentally free of allergens, come close to the equivalent qualities of soya and sunflower lecithin.

Fismer Lecithin was able to establish partnerships quickly in the field of rapeseed lecithin – thanks to personal contacts and a high level of expertise in special applications where special emphasis is placed on allergen-free products. Rapeseed lecithins are produced and further developed in close cooperation with the leading rapeseed processing companies.


Versatile, powerful, healthy


Structures and optimises:

  • Baked goods
  • Chocolate
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy
  • Instant products
  • Margarine


Optimises rearing and feeding:

  • Cattle and pigs
  • Horses
  • Poultry
  • Fish and aqua-culture
  • Pets


Versatile in use:

  • Release agents
  • Dispersing agents
  • Wetting agents/lubricants
  • Leather care
  • Plant protection and fertilisers


Takes over important tasks:

  • Intravenous feeding
  • Parenteral feeding
  • Ointments
  • Optimisation of the bio-availability of active ingredients


Enhances the quality:

  • Skin care
  • Lip care
  • Make-up
  • Shampoo

Functional Food

Essential for metabolism:

  • Immunity system
  • Cholesterol content
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Mental activity
  • Regeneration after sports
  • Dietetic food


Things to know about Lecithin

Yes, both from the country of origin and the plant. Unlike rapeseed and soya lecithin, sunflower lecithin is not genetically engineered - it is basically non-GMO. Another important aspect is that sunflower and rapeseed lecithin are free of allergens. Of course, all our vegetable lecithins are suitable for vegetarian and vegan nutrition. Our lecithins are not obtained from animal origins. In all lecithins produced and offered by Fismer Lecithin, great importance is attached to sustainability, transparency and traceability.

Our team of lecithin experts with different application know-how is always ready to answer your questions. We do not have any problems, only challenges.

Highly pure lecithin is often required for demanding products. Through selected aspects such as sustainability, traceability, transparency and maximum functionality, Fismer Lecithin has made it its business to meet the highest customer demands. We adhere to our principles and also to those of our certificates.

Of course, we can supply to our customers worldwide with the same quality standards and customer-specific requirements. We monitor the entire supply chain, from the selection of seeds till the delivery of the product.

Identity Preserved Monitoring (IPM) applies without restriction to all products from Fismer Lecithin, whether sunflower lecithin, soya lecithin or rapeseed lecithin.

Identity Preserved Monitoring means that we can guarantee traceability back to the seed and thus exclude the possibility of genetically modified traces. This is made possible by our close cooperation with local oil mills and the many years of experience of our employees. Of course, thanks to our certification, traceability can be shown for every batch produced.

If your product is dependent on a non-GMO label or if your customers attach importance to GMO-free production, you will always find a suitable lecithin with us.

Fismer Lecithin stands committed to full transparency and traceability in the entire supply chain.

Sustainability has become indispensable for our products today. Thus, we guarantee absolute product safety and quality for our customers. From cultivation to production and finally to the finished product, we attach great importance to the sustainability of our lecithin products. Only in this way can we offer our customers outstanding product quality in the long term and in the future.

Products that come entirely from organic farming and organic production are becoming increasingly popular. Especially in times of Covid 19 more and more people are buying health- and environmentally conscious, the demand for products made of renewable raw materials has been increasing continuously for years, especially in Europe.

It is not always easy for suppliers of organic products to find lecithin that is 100% organic. Fismer has the know-how to produce biolecithin in the required qualities and quantities - and the contractually secured access to the necessary raw materials, which is only possible with exclusive partnerships.

Our soya lecithins, sunflower lecithins and rapeseed lecithins are basically vegan. Therefore they are suitable without restriction as an ingredient for vegan labelled products. The only exception are lecithins sprayed onto carriers of milk powder.

By means of enzymatic hydrolysis, the lecithin is treated with an enzyme, making it more hydrophilic and significantly increasing its emulsifying power. Lyso-lecithin is very effective in oil-in-water emulsions, e.g. margarine, and in frozen dough pieces. In baking applications, for example, it can be used to avoid the approx. ten percent baking loss normally present.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a phospholipid that has direct effects on the human brain. For example, it can be used to improve concentration and cognitive performance.

As a neurotransmitter, phosphatidylserine sends commands via the nervous system to the brain centre, e.g. to form more membrane cells or build muscle cells during endurance sports.

The brain works more flexibly, more concentrated and more effectively: phosphatidylserine can help schoolchildren to concentrate better. Several studies have shown that in children with ADHD, the addition of phosphatidylserine led to an improvement in 92% of cases. In older people who have a lack of the body's own PS, PS can improve mental performance. Athletes talk about improved focus during competition.


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Lecithin-Kompetenz: FISMER

Für mich hat Lecithin-Kompetenz einen Namen: FISMER

Dr. Susanne Finzel, Dr. Finzel Pro Gesundheit GmbH

Hier arbeiten kompetente Experten

Hier arbeiten kompetente Experten, die ihr Geschäft und die Anliegen der Kunden verstehen!

Thomas Kohout

Hohe Kompetenz und Fachwissen

Hohe Kompetenz und Fachwissen - schnelle Lieferung - stets freundlich & hilfsbereit

N. N.


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