Fismer specialises in Compounds & Premixes

Fismer specialises in Compounds & Premixes

June 2020

Our compounds are very popular in the food industry - in waffle production as well as in the feed industry, especially in pig breeding. Fismer Lecithin intends to significantly expand this strong position and has therefore strengthened its team in the Instantizing division with the addition of two product managers, Carsten Rieckmann and Dirk Balfoort.

You are looking for the perfect mixture of different raw materials as a liquid blend or as a compound in powder form? Maybe even a premix, GMP+ certified? The special requirements "allergene free", "vegan" and "clean labelling" have to be met. We, the team of experts, together with our exclusive partners from the food industry, are able to make everything possible.

Fismer Lecithin offers special lecithins from soybeans, sunflower and rapeseed as well as in powder, liquid or compound form, depending on the intended use and desired certification.

Even in feed applications there are special requirements from time to time, which cannot or only insufficiently be fulfilled by standard products. In this case our employees with their extraordinary expertise are ready to realize your individual requirements. We offer "customer taylor made" products that meet your very special requirements.