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certificate of quality

12. June 2018 // Fismer Lecithin News

At the beginning of 2018, the Handelskammer Hamburg awarded Fismer Lecithin the certificate "ensures quality by dual education“ in recognition of the company's commitment to vocational training.

This is proof to us and at the same time it is an incentive to become even better in the future. ... more

EXCLUSIVELY! The Only ORGANIC Lecithin produced in EUROPE!

8. November 2017 // Fismer Lecithin News

Assured Quality, Sustainability and 100 % traceability are main factors in the process of choosing a proper ORGANIC Lecithin.

Not only is the foundation of our action based on these factors, with our new product line LeciFis ORG we can also offer you end-to-end transparency up to the certified seeds. ... more


30. August 2017 // Fismer Lecithin News

Visit us at the Supply Side West in Las Vegas on Sept 25 - 29.

... more


25. July 2017 // Fismer Lecithin News

In July 2017 Fismer Lecithin GmbH achieved the official GMP+ B1 Certification.

It is our ambition to provide highest product safety to our customers continuously. We are in the position of adding yet another solid piece to our Quality scheme besides Halal, Kosher, Proterra, FDA and ORGANIC by gaining the GMP+ Certification. ... more


11. September 2015 // Fismer Lecithin News

In September 2015, Fismer Lecithin GmbH, one of the leading Lecithin provider in Western Europe, was awarded the official Halal Certification.

LeciFis Products, which are marked with the protected Seal of Halal Control (EU), can now safely be used in all products for Muslim consumers, because they have been manufactured in compliance with internationally approved Halal-Standards.
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