Bread and rolls

Bread or golden rolls. And the right dose of lecithin, as it is actually lecithin that gives your baked goods their shelf life and volume and makes working the dough easier. So what does lecithin actually do? Together with gluten and other dough ingredients, lecithin forms a mixture that holds onto gases very well. As a result, the volume of the product is higher. This gives rise to a light, airy bread with fine pores and a crispy crust that stays fresh for a long time. Lecithin also makes the dough easier to knead with machinery.


Pastries, cakes, biscuits, waffles

A piece of cake with your coffee? Always, but with as little fat as possible please. The addition of lecithin means that you can make your customers' wishes come true. Lecithin causes the fat used in baking to be distributed evenly during the dough preparation stage, stopping the dough from sticking. This means you can reduce the fat content of biscuits, for example, to below five per cent.


Separating agents

Whether it be bread, cake, sweets or grilled foods: lecithin ensures that your products can be removed from sheets, pans, plates, moulds and belts easily as it reduces the stickiness of the products on adjacent surfaces. The low-viscosity, sprayable lecithin compound is especially suitable as a separating agent, since it distributes itself evenly and forms a thin film. Lecithin powder fulfils a dual function. Integrated into waffle dough, for example, lecithin optimises the baking properties and also acts as a separating agent.


Chocolate goods

Chocolate makes people happy. Especially if it melts in the mouth and the cocoa releases its wonderful aroma. To give your customers an unforgettable chocolate experience and to ensure that your sweet seductions are produced under the best possible technical and economic conditions, it is a good idea to add liquid standard lecithin. Lecithin makes a homogeneous, flowing blend from the mixture of lipophilic cocoa components, hydrophilic sugar and fat that you can pour or pump easily into any mould. You can save up to eight per cent cocoa butter and delight your customers with melting caramel and nougat products with a uniquely homogeneous consistency.


Ice cream toppings

The use of fractionated soya lecithin is especially ideal for ice cream toppings. This creates an extremely thin ice cream topping with a slight crunch. The lecithin makes the chocolate topping very hydrophilic, which allows it to bind the free water on the chocolate exceptionally well. This gives the topping a beautiful, even colour.


Margarine, half-fat margarines, frying fats

A tasty, healthy spread not only delights the taste buds, but also soothes the conscience. More and more customers are therefore deciding to choose margarine, a water-in-oil emulsion with a fat content of 80 per cent and a milk or water content of 18 per cent. To ensure that the water and oil mix well and produce a smooth-spreading margarine, we recommend adding lecithin as an emulsifier. Not only does this improve the consistency, but it also protects the product against oxidisation.

Frying fats that are enriched with lecithin splash less and give the fried food an even, brown colour. The reduced splashing is caused by the lecithin: it envelopes water droplets with a thin layer, causing them to evaporate more slowly. The good emulsifying properties of lecithin cause protein solids to distribute better and, together with the lecithin, form an aromatic jus.


Instant products

Cocoa, powdered milk or coffee whitener: some food can only be enjoyed dissolved in water or milk. Lecithin reduces the surface tension between liquid and powder so that the powder can distribute and dissolve evenly in the powder. The best lecithin for the job depends on the nature of the powder and the production system involved. Talk to us. We’ll be happy to advise you.


Baby formula

Nothing is more important to young parents than the health of their child. Baby formula enriched with sunflower or soya lecithin is not only especially nutritious thanks to the range of unsaturated fatty acids, but it is also wonderfully soluble in milk and water. We recommend using our sunflower lecithin to produce baby food. Special qualities of lecithin are needed, especially when it comes to baby formula. We will be pleased to offer you personalised advice.


Food supplements for dietetics and pharmacy

Lecithin contains valuable phospholipids and unsaturated fatty acids and is actively involved in the metabolism as a natural part of cells. Health-conscious consumers therefore value products enriched with lecithin. Capsules, powders or granules offer convenience for manufacturers and end consumers. Sunflower lecithin is an excellent alternative for the production of allergen and GMO-free supplements.


Chewing gum

A high-quality chewing gum should still be pleasantly soft even after having been chewed for a long time. To ensure your customers get lengthy enjoyment from their chewing gum, we recommend adding 0.4 - 0.7 per cent lecithin to the gum base. Lecithin helps the individual ingredients distribute well and produce a stretchy mass that can be processed into chewing gum.