Liquid lecithin

Liquid lecithin is easier to mix with most foods than raw lecithin. As a result, we supply our quality and premium lecithins in liquid, enzyme-modified or even filtered forms. It is especially useful as a standard emulsifier.


De-oiled pure lecithin

Powdered or granulated pure lecithin has had its oil content and free fatty acids removed. As a result, it contains a higher proportion of acetone-insoluble lecithin, and the amount used can be reduced significantly. It is taste-neutral, is easy to dispense and has excellent emulsifying properties. These are in particular demand in the food supplementation, baked goods, pasta and chewing gum sectors, as well as for the instantisation of products.


Lecithin on media 

Our powdered lecithin compounds are manufactured using a special process. The lecithin is encapsulated in a pre-prepared emulsion so that it only develops its full effectiveness during the required production stage.

The result is a highly functional lecithin that is convenient and cost-effective to use. Lecithin compounds are used in baked goods, baking mixtures or ready-to-use flours, for example. They ensure even browning and, in the case of waffles, improved resistance to breaking.

Modern-day animal nutrition is also making increased use of these lecithin compounds, since it is a major advantage if the lecithin can remain encapsulated for as long as possible and its functions are only released at a later point in time in the animal's digestive tract.


Sprayable lecithin compound

Sprayable lecithin compounds are ideal for instantisation and as separators. They have a low viscosity, are declaration-friendly and have dust-binding properties. They are used in powdered products such as milk or cocoa powder, for example, where they improve their solubility.


Hydrolysed lecithin

Hydrolysed lecithin emulsifies oil better in water emulsions. In order to create this easily dispersible, special lecithin, standard lecithin is hydrolysed using the enzyme phospholipase. The result is a lecithin with improved solubility in water, which makes it especially suitable for baking fats, baked goods, margarine and half-fat margarine.